Indian Army Technical Syllabus 2020(PDF, Exam Pattern)

By | March 16, 2020

The year 2020 new Indian army technical syllabus 2020.  If you are searching for Indian Army Technical Syllabus than you are at Place because in this article we will describe all the information about the Technical Syllabus and Exam pattern.  Interested Students Download the PDF also, that were available in the Article. So, carefully read the full article.

Indian Army Syllabus Technical

Join Indian Army is not an easy task especially when we talk about clerk and technical post because both of these Exams difficulty levels is High if we compare it with the paper of Indian Army GD. You have to prepare for this paper very well and you should also have the knowledge of syllabus properly, otherwise, your preparation will go waste.

S.NOSubject Questions Marks
4General Knowledge & reasoning 1020
Indian Army Syllabus Technical

Indian Army Clerk Syllabus 2020 PDF

Soldier Technical Syllabus & Exam Pattern

For a technical post, you should be good in physical as well as studies and technical work. Dear Candidates the India Army Technical Syllabus for 2020 and right pattern of the exam through which you will be able to do your studies in the better way. With the help of Syllabus Details, you will understand that the subjects cover how many numbers of Topics. And Which are, so important or Need some more attention. So that you can score good marks in the paper.

You have to score at least 40% to clear the exam, but that was not enough because lots of people can clear the exam. Your main motive is to come in the Merit list. The pattern and syllabus of this exam are different from other trades. So, read carefully the whole Indian army syllabus of Technical or you can download PDF also. The total time period for an exam is 1 Hour. The paper consists of a total of 50 Questions. Every Question contains 2 Marks and there is also negative marking.

Technical Syllabus & Exam Pattern

General Knowledge

  1. Abbreviations-: Both National and International
  2. Sports -: Both National and International
  3. Awards & Prizes-: National Awards, Nobel prices & Prizes
  4. History -: Important Dates, Land Mark of Indian History, Old Capitals Name and National Movements, etc.
  5. Geography -: Solar System, Deserts, Rivers, Lakes and famous waterfalls, etc.
  6. Terminology
  7. UNO -: Indian Armed Forces, Indian Towns, States, and Uts, Continents, etc.


  1. Arithmetic-: Natural number, Integers, Square root, HCF & LCM, and percentage, etc.
  2. Algebra-: Integers and Rationals, Whole Numbers, Word Problems Percents, Powers Exponents and Roots, Powers of Ten and Scientific Notation, etc.
  3. Calculus
  4. Area and Volume-: Total surface area, Curved surface area (lateral surface area), and Volume of Sphere, etc.
  5. Trigonometry-: Law of Cosines, Law of Sines and Trigonometric Addition Formulas, etc.
  6. Heights and Distances
  7. Geometry
  8. Lines and Angles-: Line segment, Ray, Perpendicular Lines and Properties of Angles, etc.


  1. Matter-: Physical measurements, scalar and vector quantities, etc.
  2. Motion-: Motion and displacement, speed and velocity, etc.
  3. Force -: Meaning of force, Newton’s laws of motion, momentum, the relationship between forces, and acceleration, etc.
  4. Gravitation-: Newton’s law of gravitation, and acceleration due to gravity, simple pendulum, the relationship between length and restoring force.
  5. Work and Energy Energy -: mechanical energy, potential energy and kinetic energy. Their formulae, concept of work, simple numerical on work and energy.
  6. Light-: Reflection, the law of reflection, refraction, the law of refraction, refraction through prisms, lenses and optical instruments.
  7. Heat-: Heat as a form of energy, mechanical work and heat, heat and temperature, measurement of temperature, the idea of Celsius and Fahrenheit scales and their conversion,
  8. Electricity-: A source of energy, conductors and potential difference and resistance – Ohm’s law, electric current and the resistance of common electrical appliances based on heating effect.
  9. Magnetism-: Type of magnet, electromagnet and their applications and DC & AC motors, etc.
  10. Sound-: Sound and its property, velocity, resonance and wave motion, etc.
  11. Wave Motion-: Nature of a wave, propagation of a wave through a medium, the idea of simple harmonic motion and wavelengths, etc.
  12. Domestic electric circuit-: Elementary ideas about wiring, fuse and possible hazards, etc.
  13. Other-: Sun as a source of energy, Fuels, heat engines and Nuclear energy.


  1. Nature and behaviour-: Different types of elements, compounds, and their mixtures, etc.
  2. Classification of elements-: Periodic Classification of Elements, Modern Periodic law and the present form of the periodic table, etc.
  3. Carbon and its compounds-: Allotropes of Carbon, Diamond, Graphite, Fullerene, Hydrocarbons and Oxygen, etc.
  4. Extraction of metals-: Metal and Non- Metal, Extraction of metals like Aluminium, Iron, Copper, Zinc, etc.
  5. Chemical bond -: Lewis Symbols, Ionic Bond, Ions and Born Haber Cycle, etc.
  6. Electrolysis-: Electroplating, the relationship between current and time, etc.
  7. Natural Resources -: Water and its Pollution, Resources of Earth, Biosphere, Atmosphere, Rain, Smog, Water and Soil, etc.

To fulfil the dream of clearing this paper, you will have to read this entire syllabus in a serious manner and also read the newspaper to increase your General Knowledge. Before the paper, you should solve the sample paper and the previous papers, this will also boost your confidence and you will also have revisions before your final paper.

Army Technical Negative Marking

In Indian Army Technical paper, there is also a negative marking, so never try to guess the answer. Attempt only those answers in which you sure about the answer is right. keep calm and think before selecting any answer form the given options and Try to give your 100 percentage efforts.

For Wright Answer2 Marks
For the Wrong Answer– 1/2 Marks
Non-Attempting Questions0 Marks

We hope after reading this article all your doubts regarding the Indian Army Technical Soldier Syllabus was cleared. If you have any doubts you can contact us through the comment box.
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