Indian Army Technical Soldier Salary Per Month

By | March 2, 2020

The Indian Army offers a chance to the youth twice a year who want to become an officer in the engineering field core through Indian Army Technical Entry Scheme[TES]. The TES scheme is available for every candidate who has completed his 12th standard in science stream. Today, joining Indian Army has become a dream of young people.
Money is necessary for every job because for enjoying a good lifestyle you need to earn money. Curiosity people are having nowadays is that they want to know the Indian Army Technical Soldier Salary and Indian army ranks and salary.

Candidate should score more than 40 marks in each subject and the total marks obtained should be more than 50%. Only unmarried candidates can apply for Technical Soldier. The candidate physically fit and up to the mark of Indian Army required Standards.
In the earlier times, the fight was done with a simple weapon, but with the passage of time, new weapons came, but with the arrival of new weapons, it was necessary to use them as well as maintain them, which required technical knowledge also.

Soldier Technical salary in Indian Army

Technical Soldier work in the Indian Army is divided into 17 different categories and every category are different from each other. He usually does all the work related to maintenance of the guns, vehicles, machines and technical work. They have to work a bit less than other departments and are a little relieved as they do not have night duty.

The average salary of an army technical Solider is ₹ 4900. He has to do a lot of Technical related work such as vehicle maintenance, bridge making, Weapon maintenance, etc.

Indian Army Technical Soldier Salary

Indian Army Soldier Technical  In-Hand Salary, Payslip & Pay Scale

Technical Solider salary
Pay Scale Not Available
Grade Pay ₹ 4,200
Army Service Pay ₹ 2,000
Total In-hand Cash Salary approximate ₹ 49,000

Indian Army Clerk salary

Indian Army Technical Soldiers Extra Benefits and Facilities

If you have joined the Indian Army, then you have given up your whole life towards the country. The Soldiers of clerk post in Indian Army are also given excessive allowances by the Government of India, which the soldier gets as other expenses such as transportation charges and house rent, etc. Apart from this, a solider has many types of facilities.

Receive ₹ 1600 to 3200 for extra travelling, Extra ₹ 14000 who are posted on Siachen border, For Special force soldiers, ₹ 9000 per month and many other things which are not revelled by an Indian Army.

Indian Army Technical Soldiers Extra Benefits and Facilities

House facilities

The area of the Indian Army Cantonment is one of the great places to live a life. The environment of the cantonment area is beautiful and clean.. Separate quarters for each family, Helpful neighbour, Separate space for sports and similar activities, 24 hours security assurance by soldiers.

Medical Facilities

Medical facilities are provided to the soldiers of the Indian Army and its entire family, where the treatment of the biggest disease is easily done by world-class doctors. Which is one of the best services offered by the Indian Army to its Soliders. Best hospital in terms of facilities and all modern technology.

Canteen facility

The Indian Army has also provided canteen facilities for its soldiers so that he and his family members can buy household items at affordable prices range. Groceries and other items are always present there so that they can be relaxed and shop anytime.

Education facility for children

The Indian Army also provides the facility of education for the children of its soldiers. There are army schools everywhere in India where the children of army officers or Soldiers get the opportunity of an education. The children of this school have the best chance of a good career than other schools.


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  1. Rahul

    Sir mare 10th class me two subjects me 50 se Kam number hai Kya Mai Indian army me ha sakta ho?

    1. Professor Abhishek

      rahul main aapako bataana chaahoonga ki aap indian Army mein class 10 veen mein 45% saath aur har subject mein 33% praapt karane ke baad join ho sakate hain. aap hamaare website mein is article ko padhakar apane saare savaalon ke javaab pa sakate hain aur main aapako aur baakee sab ko bataana chaahoonga jo is comment ko dekh rahe hain ki hamaaree website mein indian army se related har savaal ka lagabhag javaab diya gaya hai bas samasya is baat kee hai aapako thoda khojana padega


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