Indian Army Salaries

Joining the Indian Army is a Dream for many Aspirants who apply for it every year. And knowing Indian Army Salary is a most popular Question which arises in mind of many people.
Choosing the Indian Army as a career is a great choice for one’s future. Job security is the main factor that makes the Army an important career choice for many people in today’s world.
The Indian Army is one of the largest standings Army in the world which have over 11 lakh active troops and over 9 lakh reserve troops.
Indian Army is a significant segment of National force nearby the Indian Navy and the Indian Air Force.

Indian Army Salary 2020

Indians who want to join the Indian Army should take care of their body and knowledge.
For anyone who wants to join the Indian Army, the first question should be Why does he want to join the Indian Army? And then you should come to any conclusion.
What all Facilities and Salary Packages are given in Indian Army? Is a first question which comes in mind of anyone who is willing to join the Indian Army.

Indian Army Salary Graph
Indian Army Salary Graph

Every Year there are some of the candidates who are applying for Indian Army online and they do not know how to get themselves registered for any Bharti or Rally. So click the link Indian Army Registration to know the proper and easy way to register.

Indian Army GD, Clerk, Technical Pay Scale & Allowances after 7th pay Commission

The GD is known as General Duty Soldier. The GD trade is then divided into 3 Main trades which are GD Soldier/ Rifleman, GD Clerk, GD Technical.
If a situation of war arises in the Country/ Nation by internal or External affairs the soldiers who have joined the Army as GD, are sent to the Location of war.

PostPay ScaleTo Get More Details, Click the link below
GD5200-34800Indian Army GD Salary
Clerk5200-34800Indian Army Clerk Salary
Technical5200-34800Indian Army Technical Salary

Different Ways to Join Indian Army

There are different exams conducted on yearly bases like NDA(National Defence Academy), CDS(Combined Defence Services) are the most common ways in which thousands of youth apply each year.
As these Exams directly lead you in an Officer rank at a reputed rank.
There are also many different ways to join Amry like “Direct Recruitment” or “Open Bharti” is conducted through the year in different states of India. These requirements help army fill small posts.
These two exams are the most popular exams in which lakhs of Indians apply to join Indian Army.
You can also join through the Indian Military Academy OR Officer Training Academy.
After you have cleared the written of these exams then you are tested on your physical and the mental condition.

What is Basic Pay & Grade Pay? What are the differences between them?

The Indian army salary categorised into Grade pay, gross salary, basic pay, etc. Lets us first learn about them before looking at the pay structure.

Gross Salary:- The figure which a Jawan will get as a salary per month is gross salary.

Gross Salary = Grade Pay + Basic Pay + Monthly Allowances

Grade Pay:- It is an amount which is paid by the Government of Indian to the Indian Army Jawans which depends on categories, pay band & class  (Level) of Jawans. The Grade pay is calculated on the bases of Position and Class of a Jawan & 7th Seventh Pay Commission.

Basic Pay = Grade Pay + Pay Band.

Difference Between Basic Pay and Grade Pay

1. Basic Pay increases every year. While Grade Pay remains the same until you get the promotion.
2. Grade Pay changes time to time with respect to ability & position. Payscale is the measurement scale of Pay.
3. Basic Pay is the lowest payment which changes from time to time. Grade Pay was newly added term after the 6th pay commission.

Indian Army Officers Pay Scale & Allowances 7th pay Commission

Indian Army Officers Pay Scale after 7th pay Commission
Lance Naik5200-20200200030000
Naib Subedar9000-34000420045000
Subedar Major9000-34000 480065000
Lieutenant Colonel 37000-670008000112000
Major General37000-6700010000
Lieutenant General60000-79000

Indian Army Soldier Salary Rank Wise, Pay Scale, and Allowances

Indian Armed forces always welcome deserving and hard-working candidates.

The slogan of Indian Army:-
Indian army – service before self.

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