Indian Army Technical Eligibility: Height, Weight and Age Limit

By | April 15, 2020

Indian Army Technical Eligibility ( Height, Weight and Age Limit): If you want to join the Indian Army Technical Field, then you are at the right place, with the help of this article, you will get all the information related to it. Such as Indian Army Technical Age Limit, Height, Weight and Many More. All the doubts that will be in your mind about this Indian Army post will be cleared.
Indian army recruit for this post more than once a year through open Bharti, for that details you will have to stay connected with us, through that you can get information about the Bharti and before going into recruitment you will also check your, Indian Army Technical Eligibility and qualification and Eligibility. otherwise, you will have to face difficulties by going there.

Indian Army Soldier Technical Work

Technical Soldier work in the Indian Army is divided into 17 different categories and every category are different from each other. He usually does all the work related to maintenance of the guns, vehicles, machines and technical work. They have to work a bit less than other departments and are a little relieved as they do not have night duty. Work of Technical Soldier in the Indian Army is very different from the work of GD Soldier and Clerk Soldier’s Work.

Indian Army Technical Qualification 2020

Indian Army Technical Qualification 2020

You need to have at least Matrix or High School or 10th Class passed from the Recognised Institute/Education Board. The candidate should have at least 45% marks overall and at least 33% marks in each subject otherwise it will not be able to fill the form.
Additional Subject-: Additional subject marks were not applicable to overall percentages.

Along with all these qualifications, the candidate should also have a 3-year diploma in engineering. (Mechanical, Electrical, Automobile, Computer Science, Electronic, Instrumental Engineering ) from a recognised University or a polytechnic Institute.

Indian Army Technical Height

The height of the candidate taken for the post of the Indian Army Technical is sought separately in every state because exemption has also been given to some state and community people regarding the height, which is not applicable to the people of other states and communities. But the average height for the Indian Army Technical Soldier is 167 Cm. But the Detailed information according to your state was given in the table.

Indian Army Technical Age limit

To join Indian Army, you must be at least 17:30 years and a maximum of 23 years old, if you are not in this age group, then you will not be eligible for this post.

Maximum AgeMinimum Age
17.5 Years23 Years

Indian Army GD Qualification

Indian Army Technical Soldier Chest

Even in Case of Chest for an Indian Army Technical Soldier, the standards are different in every state. And for that detailed information according to state wise, you can see the detailed chart of Indian Army Technical soldier Height, Weight and Chest. But the average Chest for the Indian Army Technical Soldier is 77 cm with Minimum 5 cm of Expansion.

With the help of the table given below, you will understand in a better way here that in every state, how many heights, Weight is required to be Qualify in the Indian army.

Western Himalaya Region

S.noSTATE Height WeightChest
1.Jammu & Kashmir163 cm48 Kg77/82
2.Himachal Pradesh163 cm48 Kg77/82
3.Punjab Hillls163 cm48 Kg77/82
4.Uttarakhand163 cm48 Kg77/82

Eastern Himalayas

1.Sikkim157 cm48 Kg77/82
2.Nagaland157 cm48 Kg77/82
3.Arunachal Pradesh157 cm48 Kg77/82
4.Manipur157 cm48 Kg77/82
5.Tripura157 cm48 Kg77/82
6.Mizoram157 cm48 Kg77/82
7.Meghalaya157 cm48 Kg77/82
8.Assam 157 cm48 Kg77/82
9.West Bengal157 cm48 Kg77/82
Indian Army Technical Height, Weight and Age Limit

Western Plains Region

1.Punjab170 cm50 Kg77/82
2.Haryana170 cm50 Kg77/82
3.Chandigarh170 cm50 Kg77/82
4.Delhi170 cm50 Kg77/82
5.Rajasthan170 cm50 Kg77/82
6.Western UP170 cm50 Kg77/82

Eastern Plains Regions

1.Eastern UP169 cm50 Kg77/82
2.Bihar169 cm50 Kg77/82
3.West Bengal169 cm50 Kg77/82
4.Jharkhand169 cm50 Kg77/82
5.Orissa169 cm50 Kg77/82

Central Regions

1.Madhya Pradesh167 cm50 Kg77/82
2.Chhattisgarh167 cm50 Kg77/82
3.Gujarat167 cm50 Kg77/82
4.Maharashtra167 cm50 Kg77/82
5.Dadar and Nagar Haveli167 cm50 Kg77/82
6.Daman and Diu167 cm50 Kg77/82

Southern Regions

1.Andhra Pradesh165 cm50 Kg77/82
2.Karnataka165 cm50 Kg77/82
3.Tamil Naidu165 cm50 Kg77/82
4.Kerala165 cm50 Kg77/82
5.Goa165 cm50 Kg77/82
6.Puducherry165 cm50 Kg77/82

Physical Fitness Test

This is one of the important steps in the process of recruitment in the Indian Army, this test comes to a total of 100 marks, in which the candidate has to pass various types of physical tasks. Information about the physical Task appearing in the test is given below.

1.6 Km Running

In the physical test, the candidate has to give the running test first. A 400-meter track is made in the ground, in which the candidate has to do 4 rounds continuously, it is very important to pass the running test because without passing the test candidate cannot do further tasks.

The complete running time period has been divided into different categories, in which each category gets different numbers, whose information is given below in the table-:

5.40 Min60 Marks
5.41 Min48 Marks
5.51 Min36 Marks
6.01 Min24 Marks


After the running test, the candidate comes in the pull-up test in which he has to do 10 pull-ups and only 6 pull-ups is required to pass this test. This task has to be completed by the candidate in the first attempt because the second attempt is not given to complete these tasks. With the help of the table given below, you will get to know about how many marks you get by hitting how many push-ups.


Jumping and Balancing Beam

This step is the last step of the physical test, in which the candidate does not get any marks, But it is very important to pass this exam. In this test, it is measured how the candidate can balance his weight. This test is completed through two Tasks. How the candidate climbing or walking on a rope. This task has to be completed by the candidate in the first attempt because the second attempt is not given to complete these tasks.

Medical Test

  • After passing the physical test, the candidate comes to the medical test where his entire body is examined by the Doctors. Candidates should clean their ears properly before going for medical test and the removals are checked by the office there.
  • Along with the ears, there will be a medical examination of their eyes and mouth. Before the medical examination, the candidate should thoroughly clean the private body parts and other body parts.
  • The blood pressure of the candidate should be normal. Candidate should not have any kind of disease.
  • Tatto/reverberate: You can get a permanent tattoo done only permitted on these body parts. Like on the inner face of forearms, from inside of elbow to wrist, and reverse side of Palm/side of the hand. If any candidate has got the permanent tattoo done on his body, then he cannot be admitted to the Indian Army because he has made it difficult to get permanent tattooing done in the Indian Army, that is why the tattooed candidate was put out for medical examination.


We hope that after reading this article all your doubts regarding the Indian Army Eligibility, Qualification and Age Limit for a Technical Soldier are cleared. If you have any doubts you can contact us through the comment box. If you like it share it with your friends as Sharing is ❤️.

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